Mint Gold Star Charizard

Hi guys,

I’ve done a bit of research on ebay from sold listings but theres such a discrepancy in sale prices I cant seem to get anything solid. Whats the value of a Mint condition Gold Star Charizard?

I think this is just one of those cards that’s going to have somewhat of a wide range. Graded mint copies (psa 9) seem to sell well in the $400-$450 price range. Ungraded copies in mint condition don’t really pop up that often but would probably go for around the same price. Maybe $350 if you get lucky with an ungraded one.

I recently saw an ungraded EX condition one (advertised as mint) go for $300+ I’ve also noticed that Canadian and Australian listings often sell for much higher presumably due to exchange rate shenanigans.

I picked up a pack fresh copy for $150 about two months ago, and another for $90 about a year ago. Those listings were complete gambles, as they had awful photos and no pics of the backs.

I sold a Mint 9 copy for $450 a few months ago. I bought it at Worlds & took a gamble. I’d say if you find one for under $200, the person probably doesn’t know what they have or it’s not 9 Mint.