Japanese WCP gold stars and crystal cards

I need in gem mint condition
Charizard 1st Ed and unlimited
Celebi 1st Ed and unlimited
Crobat 1st Ed

Unlimited WCP flareon
Unlimited WCP vaporeon

Ill trade a 1st Ed for unlimited for the wcp gold stars
Not graded ofcourse but you know in minty mint


I’m dreading the day when I start collecting the crystals… I recently realized how friggin awesome they look, especially the nidoking

Also looking for
Japanese 1st ex’s latios and latias gold stars

Good thing I got my JPN Crystal Charizard 1st Ed for cheap at about $20 shipped, prices have gone to a ludicrous level. I got it mainly for the art, I wasn’t planning on collecting them, I really kick myself for not buying the rest, they were in the $15-$25 range in Y!J in March 2013. Best Charizard art IMO.

IMG_5186 by Cujucuyo, on Flickr

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lol… I kick myself in the head for not buying in 2010… >.<

Yeah, that crystal charizard is my best ever pickup I’ve had. I was lucky to score it last year for 99cents… In gem mint condition. From a local card seller. Something like that will probably never happen again for me.

Lord that Charizard is the absolute best.

Those Mysterious Mountains Crystal types are so pricy…

Mannnn you guys were Maad lucky

That is an amazing price for a crystal charizard! Makes me wonder when it was (the date) purchased.

I was lucky enough to get a Japanese crystal lugia for under $15 about 5 years ago. Store just had a bunch of random cards, and they didn’t really deal in Japanese pokemon cards.