Price difference 1st Ed/unlimited Japanese Crystals

Hi all
I was wondering how high the price difference between the two versions of the crystal cards is. I know the difference might be higher for certain cards like the Charizard but I just want to get an overall idea.

Thanks in advance!

I don’t exactly know the price difference, but I do know that for some Japanese e-series sets the unlimited version is rarer. My best bet, if nobody on this forum knows, would be to contact wakeruncollapse on youtube. He’s very knowledgeable about Japanese sets and may know price differences.

Prices i had paid a while back for singles:

Nidoking U- 60
Kingdra U- 40
Lugia 1ED- 80
Charizard 1ED- 215
Crobat U- 55
Celebi U- 350…
Golem U- 40
Kabutops 1ED- 65
Ho-oh 1ED- 75 and 40

I got burned on the celebi, so i would NOT advise using that price point. I think people try to sell the 1ED copies of the ‘lesser’ pokemon for almost double the UED prices.

Generally the 1ED copies are $20 above and beyond the value of UED Crystals.

I don’t know about the UED Celebi and Charizard, though.

Okay I see, thanks everyone!