Bilingual Exeggutor

What is a fair price for one of these guys?

I seen some sell for around $30

I guess $25 is a decent deal then haha

I got mine from @garyis2000

One of the best cards you can buy for $30! The artwork is ridiculous!


Great, then I’ll certainly be picking mine up for $25. The seller says it is NM/M, so if I get it and it is, I’ll probably get it graded :grin:

Get one from (link to the card’s page). I paid about $25 for mine too, and the other day I found it on there for $8! I was floored. I definitely would have gotten one if I’d seen it before buying mine.

Are their cards usually mint?

Yeah, their cards are always in great condition. My only problem with that site is that they’ve messed up big quantity orders a lot for me but to their credit they’ve always corrected their mistakes.

Great! Just picked it up for $8.08. Thanks for the heads up Frost! I would’ve paid $16 more than necessary :stuck_out_tongue:

You should had bought it sealed with the magazine!

Shucks, I still think $8 is a good deal for it, considering everyone was saying $30 :stuck_out_tongue:. How much more is it worth sealed?

I never got anything worth grading from them:(
I have sealed magazines I sell for 39.50+shipping…which I think is a good price.

I got the sealed magazine for 5 GBP

Well, hopefully mine is different! :stuck_out_tongue:. Although it being so cheap kind of makes me wonder if it actually is mint. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. I think $39.50 is fair, but since I picked up the card already I won’t be in the market for one at the moment.

How many…ill take them all?

I meant I bought mine for that price.

You can try to contact the seller, maybe she has another copy of it… I didn’t ask because I just wanted to have one

HOLY COW CARDS LIKE THIS EXIST!!!:thinking: that is the single most coolest thing ever

Couldn’t help but pick up another from professor-oak when I saw the price.

I already bought mine awhile back for $15 (which felt like a great deal).