Dragons Exhaulted Online Cards

Just wondering how much these are going for. We normally give them away but Sil and I would be happy to trade/sell them.

We have 83 out of 2 boxes…

We just are looking fore realistic pricing. We saw them going for 1 each and then we saw ten for 2.50… what do you guys think?

10 for $2.50 is $0.25 a piece, but I’ve also seen them go 25 for $5, which is $0.20 a piece.

I’d be willing to buy them or trade for them (but I’d really love them for free :stuck_out_tongue:)

I usually end up finding a buyer for mine right around 20 cents each. Other people have better luck, but frequently people dump them a little cheaper as well. 20 cents seems to be the sweet spot for selling them here lately. At least in my experience. I suspect they will dip some right now since the set just came out.

I know I’ve got 400-500 of them right now that I’m trying to move at 20 cents. Haha.

Haha! WOW :grin: That’s pretty fantastic. We only had the two boxes to work with, but maybe someone will pick them up at .20…We aren’t looking to get rich but we aren’t looking to just toss them out anymore.

Might try to set that up soon.

Yeah, most of mine are from Dark Explorers. I’m in a group that pools cards to make playing competitively cheaper. The only things we don’t consider group property are the ultra rares, which we still gladly lend to each other. It works well for us, but it ends with me getting between one and two cases of codes every set. Haha.

WOOOOW, yeah our 83 are just DE hahaha! We only have 1 competitive player in our group of 5 but we are ALL collectors. So we are always looking for good deals since we are normally buying

Haha, we have five competitive players in our group, but I am the only collector. Funny how those things work out.

I’m mostly competitive because I love traveling with my friends and I love Pokemon. If there were more reasons to travel in the collecting world, I’d probably do that more. I’m limited in distance for traveling by finances, so living in Indiana where Nats is held is always nice. :blush:

NICE! A lot of my friends go to that XD Yeah, finances and connecting help me progress… our group is SO CLOSE to accomplishing our goal…I mean close I mean at least someone has at least a few legends and big hitters finished XD

I’ve got my own secret collecting goals that I’ve been working on for a few years now. I plan on making my collection thread when I finish it. It might be a few more years though. Collecting + paying for school = slow progress

$0.20 does seem to be the main price, but I’ve been trying to find them cheaper (closer to $.10). I’ve had some luck, but only in very small quantities (highest was like 6 :stuck_out_tongue:).

I have all of them for $25 (since they are user silverishness’ after all. After telling her all the information that’s what she decided on. Since she’s still a charmander and we live together she asked me to post)