Web Magikarp

There are two of these guys as BIN listings on eBay right now: one for $150 USD and one for $70 USD. And that’s it. No completed listings. No sold listings. So what’s a fair price for one of these?

I sold mine $15

Those 2 for 70 on ebay are mine, I just put that number up there to get offers. I’d honestly take around 30 or so for them. I usually see them sell at around 25-30. They are definitely not 80-150 dollar cards lol.

EDIT: also there was a completed listing I found from France some months ago. He had one that sold for 40 Euros

WEB magikarps are not worth the 80 at all most is around 10-30 even though it was a rare

$30-$40 would be the most I would pay for one.

The one currently listed on eBay for $150 is mine. I can’t really sell for $35 something that I paid $75 for. I don’t really expect to sell it for $150 but I also don’t want to lose money.

Did I overpay for the card? Perhaps. But that’s what I was willing to pay to get one in mint condition.

Would it sell? Maybe not. But I’d be more than happy to keep it in my collection if it doesn’t. I will even send it to PSA as I think it’s an excellent candidate for a grade of 10.