Fan Club Shining Magikarp

Value? I am looking to buy one but I have heard they go from $200-$300 is that about right?

Well I bought one at what I considered a steal at $220.00 4 years ago. I recently acquired two more, one on Yahoo Japan at auction which I paid $350.00 for and another on Ebay buy it now at $400.00.

I would say that $200.00 is low for the card and $300.00 might even be a deal but that’s only my own opinion. I would price it in the $325.00-$375.00 range.

I’d love to hear the opinions of others!

@haze – Hmm. A value of $200 - $300 may be a bit too low. I obtained my Shining Magikarp [Fan Club 600 EXP] for $150 approximately two years ago, but I digress. I believe $300 - $350 is an average, typical value.

Damn it, cbd1235. You stupid ninja :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok sounds good!!! I just need it to complete the 3 fan cub set!!!