How much for a *web* university magikarp

I now really want one… in fact, I should look for the whole set right?

But for now, how much should I look for the magikarp. There’s one for $80 on ebay at the moment (although that is PSA 10 :thinking:)

I had one sell for $20 I think awhile back, $80 is pretty high, but web series are very inconsistent in price since they are an oddball set.

Yeah I thought it was high… but this is PSA 10! (And its ebirdman, so I’m guessing I should negotiate a lower price?)

yeah definitely ed is nice but those list prices are not nice!

What should I be aiming for? $40? $50?

EDIT: LOL I got impatient so put down an offer for $50

haha yeah that is not bad since it is a psa 10

I got it for $50. I also got a few other cards. But I’ll wait for them to come in my hands before I reveal them. (DJ knows because he happened to be online as I was buying them. So excited, even if they’re not trophies!)

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i got a complete web series set for just 20 shipped months ago just missing the holos though.but then when the seller listed the items as a lot of the web commons and uncommons it went up to 60 lol.but thats not a bad price for a PSA graded one.i have yet to see anymore web cards hit ebay

I paid a premium because its PSA10. This is my first PSA card so I’m very interested in seeing the protection… maybe this one will convince me of its virtues!

I just got mine back in the mail a couple days ago and its sealed pretty tight. There is absolutely no way of opening it unless you crack it open and the card doesn’t move. The case is also lighter than I imagined so It’s not too bulky. In short it was a great investment and I might send another one to PSA very soon! ;D

LOL. You’re only saying that because your card got a PSA10 :stuck_out_tongue:

The SSB No.3 got a PSA 10 'cause I said it probably would :stuck_out_tongue:

dogma, PSA graded pokemon cards are awesome no argument on the issue is allowed those who argue otherwise simply are ignorant of PSA graded cards, however one is allowed to argue plenty about the PSA company and grading standards :stuck_out_tongue: :slightly_smiling_face:.

Hahaha thats right Will your word is law!

Dogma: No no its not that my card got a 10 :stuck_out_tongue:. Its just that no matter the rating you know your card/investment will be safe and after seeing the end product i’m sold.