Fan Club Magikarp worth?

Looking to complete the set and can’t find nay info on how much a Magikarp might be worth already have Eevee and Porygon is easy enough to come by. I’ve foudn 1 in Japan but i just want to know what you think it’s worth. Theres only 1 on eBay for $1600 which is absurd.

I have received an offer of $700 for mine.

That’s quite a good chunk of cash! RAW or PSA graded?

Well I’ve been offered 1 at $350 loose but in NM/M. Seems Magikarp is the hardest to get i might have to jump on the deal.

I’ve been paying about $400 each for them ungraded looking for one good enough to grade PSA 10. Hope that helps.

Yes mine is graded a PSA 9. I was surprised on the offer too!