EX Firered Leafgreen sets

Planning to get following sets for collection but no idea how much they are worth, hopefully someone can help. Let’s say overall condition for both is near mint.

-FRLG regular set 1-112 + boxtopper Charmander + 3x legendary birds
-FRLG reverse set 1-103

I paid $250 3 years ago :blush:

I’ve seen the regular set sell for $300-350 instantly. The sets that are online are around $500 which have been online for awhile.
The charizard authority is selling the reverse holo complete sets for $200-250. So retail its looking like $700-800.

If I were you I’d pay $300-400 If in Mint condition.

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Thanks, have to keep my eyes open if someone is willing to sell both sets at once.

Allsop7652 on ebay always seems to have regular ex set commons - rares listed for sale so for the regular set I would maybe shoot him a pm and see if he has complete sets also? I noticed he has some FRLG cards listed now for auction so they must be coming from somewhere? Hope this helps :blush:

I picked up ex trr commons - rares off him and they were all literally pack fresh.

Commons aren’t holos or ultra rares. Last order I bought from allsandy I returned all 3. They were excellent/NM when they were supposed to be NM/mint.

You are speaking about the wrong seller mate. I’m talking about allsop7652 who isn’t the seller you mentioned and who sells mint cards, careful before you try to damage someone’s rep as it’s not you who suffers if you get it wrong.

Yes I miss read and my response was meant towards allsaindy not Allsop7652. That seller did sell me 4 mint Dark houndom ex TRR prereleases. I didn’t grade 2 of them and the other 2 got a PSA 9 and the other got a PSA 7. Overall I like the quality from they’ve made mistakes as well. Overall I’m satisfied with that seller but like I said just because you bought some some commons/uncommons that were pack fresh doesn’t mean the rest are. The condition of the premium cards are better indicators because some people sit on C/UCs for a long time. They are more difficult to move on ebay so they sit.

I appreciate you being protective of the seller but if a person’s reputation can be broken so easily then there likely isn’t much there to stand on in the first place. I like this seller though.

Rather than it being damaged easily I was more thinking along the lines of if it’s on this forum then it stays there for people to read, people don’t always look into things properly and may jump to incorrect conclusions.


I deleted the post as you are correct even if my other statement is true as well. While not everything is mint I enjoy the seller and have bought from them for years.

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I dont like selling/ nor bother anything that isnt Minty, because it never moves, and people shouldnt be buying shit cards for the collection in my personal opinion, however alot of other people would disagree and dont mind exc condition cards.
This is what trying to sell Excellent to Near mint cards: