Complete Fire Red Leaf Green UR/SR set + Sealed Booster Box

Just looking to see what a set like this would go for IF sold/traded together I have cards #104-#116 all PSA 10 and the booster box looks factory fresh, no dings, dents, tears in the seal, sharp corners etc.

Booster box would be around $800-$1,000. Set of cards would depend on the condition. Mint ungraded I would say around $350-$450. NM/Mint $250-$350

I’ll edit my post to reflect this, I forgot to mention they are all PSA 10

look up sold listening for the PSA 10 cards. I just sold a complete set through a PWCC auction.

Charizard around $450
Gengar $330
Blastoise/Venusaur $150 each.
The others were $40-125 each.

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Adds up to I think $1,700-$1,800 I believe, but some went for lower prices IMO. Also some of these do not appear very often so a buyer might be willing to shell out a little bit more to get the whole set. I would say to the right buyer you could get around $2,000.