Looking for Info on Value/History of Cardass Jumbo cards

I’ve found some info online and know the general history of the Topsun and Cardass Japanese cards, but I’m hoping someone can shed some light on these Cardass cards. They’re jumbo sized cards and look like they have punch outs for smaller domino sized cards…

I did find a few related ebay sales and Bulbapedia’s info, but not much else. Anyone have insight on value or whether PSA grades these? Regardless of value I just love their art and would plan to keep them long-term, so even learning more of their history would be great! I can add more pictures if helpful. Thanks in advance for any insight.

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@john , I’m collecting them too! Never seen one graded by PSA. On the back you can pop-off those little cards and they reveal another scene from the anime/movie or a pokemon/trainer (I think I have a few somewhere), it should be on the right side(black) you’ll have a scene from the anime and on the left side where’s the pokeball a trainer or pokemon I guess. You should be able to see through if you put a strong light behind the jumbo.
About the value I think I remember a friend that paid around 25$ for one with a Pikachu, but honestly I doubt there’s too many people arounf collecting/buying this kind of stuff for that price ç.ç
What kind of info is there on bulbapedia? Hard to find people that collect this stuff, so there’s not much infos about them :l