Looking for A Promo..

I’m trying to find -and buy- the Mewtwo P- Promo 46, also known as the Fiesta Promo Mewtwo.

I’m limited on funds, but I do have a steady, albeit small income. If you’re interested, I can also partially pay with art.

Anyone have a spare?

Yeah…good luck with that buddy D: I paid a pretty penny for mine…

I wish I was that lucky. I got mine from Psuedo on Ebay for nearly 60

Holy crap $60! That is a lot!

Yeah, you’re telling me. It’s the only one I’ve found that low :confused: I wish her in luck in finding one cheaper…

Actually we have been finding that more and more… NOW. The Mewtwo SO FAR has been the only one I’ve seen like that (since January when I got it)

How do you KNOW when to go for it or when to wait? I think we both can benefit from this.

I usually wait for promos to be auctioned. There a few sellers that will start the bidding on rare promos at $0.99 or 0.99GBP or much lower prices than the cards are actually valued at. Also if you’re not sure if you should go for it or wait, just ask us in the price guide section if you should pay that much for that specific card or if you should wait. I’ve been patient with a lot of my cards and have gotten some good deals. A few I have bought at higher prices because I wasn’t sure if I would ever see these cards again.

Yeah…we both did that with Will’s Espeon…and then BAM find it for 23/13 dollars cheaper (we got it twice)

but there are some that have just escalated. Like Annie’s Espeon. I got mine for $!5, then you got yours for what, $30? And it keeps going.

The same with Karen’s Umbreon. I found mine for $5 and now you can’t find it under $40.

Yeah… UGH I hope to get this one Umbreon cheap D: I really want this card- I don’t care if it’s not super mint perfect :sob:

This is true. Like those freaking T-promos.

its just a matter of luck and random lots people sell for.like the 5th movie deck latios and latias i found it in a lot for just 25 and awhile back just one of those holos went up to 30+. just recently i brought a lot with the masaki promo machamp mint for just 17 dollars shipped.the way you look at the searches you do HELP alot believe me i find auctions that are suppose to be worth at least 30 or more end at the 15-25 line.

the fact that the VS series trend is now hitting ebay is kinda odd since originally people never really cared for the cards till about the youtube community started wanting them.i remember a year ago no one cared for VS cards now i see people wanting them like crazy.plus the lance’s charizard is going over the 60 mark.i should have kept more of my VS cards and sold em now lol

Interesting observation there.

I don’t understand the YouTube lot. Is this people posting videos of collections and a community growing in the comments fields?

yea mostly thats how people would find or see the japanese stuff.if you guys remember prguitarman opened a box of the VS series psychic/fighting energys then i found more VS cards and later on more people wanted them plus when they hit ebay they just sold out in matter of days cause of the rarity of them.people started wanting them after seeing others have them.i’ve only actually seen few handful of people complete the set while others just want the cards.

(Its an auction with a bit of time left, so felt like it was safe to link to it :blush: )

I’ve been asked to remove the link since someone was bidding on it. Sigh. I disagree with that because in 3 days I reckon there was enough time for everyone to see, but I allowed it this once.