WTB: Japanese Promos

Hey guys I am looking for a few items but I want to get them as cheap/inexpensive as possible.

Pal City Set!!!
Sweepstakes Triple GET Lottery set
Masaki Set w/Pass card
Eevee GET & Porygon GET & Shining Magikarp GET
Victory Orb w/o Mew
Other Exclusive Japanese Trophy Cards

Japanese VS set

seems now everyone looking for VS cards lol but which ones your after?

Well i am looking to just buy the whole set.The recent sells show they have sold for around $225-$250. Way more cheaper to buy the whole set than go the individual route.

You need any pokemon WEB cards? I also have a lot of VS duplicates.

I really only want to buy a full set as it is cheaper/easier in the long run.