WTB: Suicune 26/P DVD Promo

This card has been oddly elusive for me, even on YJ, so I’m hoping I might have better luck here. It’s a promo from the Japanese first-press release of the 4th Pokemon movie DVD, Celebi: A Timeless Encounter.

I’m unsure of its value, but I’m positive it isn’t worth the $70-80 eBay sellers are asking. My current budget is up to about $30, but if it happens to be worth more, please let me know. :blush: Looking for mint/near mint, and doesn’t have to be sealed (assuming it was).

Thanks for your time everyone!

ummm are you just looking for the japanese version?? … because on australian ebay ive came across that card a few times aswell as the celebi one ive seen the english version range from $4-10

Yes I’m just looking for the Japanese version. :3 I got the English one ages ago, and it’s much more readily available than the Japanese version.

Wow 80 bucks on eBay for that? That seems very high. The card is worth $15-35 at most. Maybe you can put an offer in for it? It never hurts to ask and your 30 dollars is more than reasonable.

No sure if your still looking for this…but I did come across one: cgi.ebay.com/Japanese-Pokemon-Card-Suicune-Promo-/250832138642?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3a66c2b192#ht_500wt_1156

Looks as if it has a slight bend in the upper right-hand corner.

Wow that guy has the cards at ending prices. The auctions are pretty much just buy it now with those prices.

I don’t know if I fully agree. I mean it is a better deal than the ludicrous $80.00 another seller is trying to charge. And $59.99 for a Grand Party isn’t half bad. I paid more for mine. They way I look at it if the prices are “near buy it now” and your the only who bid and won the auction…it makes no difference.

Those examples are true. The masaki’s are maxed, along with the trainers mag’s and the railway’s. A good selection for someone who has the dollar.