Lizardon Mega Battle Pack

Lizardon Mega Battle 2014 Pack

On Saturday, 19 April will be release the new pack to commemorate the Lizardon Mega Battle event.

The “Mega” pack contain:
2 Booster Packs of “Wild Blaze”
2 Booster Packs of “Collection X”
2 Booster Packs of “Collection Y”
1 Special Promo Holo card (Chespin, Fennekin or Froakie)
1 Double sided poster

official link: Lizardon Mega Battle Pack -Lizardon Mega Battle 2014

Do you like this release to present the new Lizardon Mega Battle 2014?

looks pretty cool on first glance


Awesome post

It looks like it comes in a “pack” but there are enough contents to justify a box…

I can’t wait to get my order of these!

Where can you order these? :blush:

I know you can on amiami but my friend is getting them for me from the centre so I can concurrently get the darkrais.