Mar 16 - Mar 22, 2014 - Wild Blaze

**Wild Blaze


Because Metapod is the best pokemon

That is actually some nice art for Metapod! :blush:
My favourite art, aside from the standard Ken Sugimori drawings is the Vending Series Metapod :blush:

I dont really know the set, or what it contains, but when i saw that charizard my jaw dropped like whoah!

Promo goodra fo sho.

the full art toxicroak is pretty cool too, hopefully it doesnt lead me into a full art collection :stuck_out_tongue:

Does anyone know more about spill rates for this set ? what is the rate of a full art card ?

I don’t like newer sets, but the full arts in the xy, and xy2 wild blaze are awesome. I love the kangaskhan >.<

Full Arts - I heard it’s about 1/2 boxes for a FA card.
On youtube the ones I’ve seen… 1 had a FA, 2 did not.
The ones that Callie opened, both had a FA.

I’ll be getting my boxes hopefully on Friday.

I’ve watched a few japanese openings of the box and I’m pretty sure it’s like 75 chance of a SR or UR

gonna order a box or two,

or 8 :wink:

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Here are some of the images from this new set

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and some more

how many boxes did you get Promosen? What are the pull rates like?

I don’t buy boxes, only individual cards and not normally series cards, mainly promos

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Ah ok, that’s how you have all those nice auctions

Hopefully you guys can shed light on the odds of getting a golden (UR-all Japanese) mega EX card in a box. I am wondering if it is 1 in 1, 1 in 3 or what.

Binx looks like most boxes have FA

But not many UR’s have been pulled so it looks pretty bad odds ATM

Opened 10 Boxes:

  • 6 SR
  • 0 UR

Here’s the sad part: every single card had miscut edges.

Whoa! That bums me out…out of 10 boxes NO UR mega EX??? Uggh…well maybe my 1 Japanese box will have a FA at least.

soulwind …can you share which EX, mega, and FA you got in your boxes?