How BIG is it? (XY Mega Pack first-look)

It seems our little baby is all grown up now. :open_mouth:

Now, who is ready for me to open up this bad boy? :sunglasses:

haha that is cool. What is in it again?

My friend went to the Pokemon Center and sent me this image.
Inside is one of 3 promos (Chespin, Froakie, Fennekin), 1 poster (with Wild Blaze set on it) as well as 2x X Collection Booster Packs, 2x Y Collection Booster Packs and 2x Wild Blaze Booster Packs.

My friend opened it and pulled a Blastoise EX FA :blush:


Any chance this pack would qualify for PSA pack grading? :blush:


@garyis2000 ?

Donโ€™t crack your packs! They might get scrambled and give you nothing good!
Instead you should open them Callie haha!

@viperfox I sent you a skype message dear! :heart_eyes: