Latest PSA returns value?

Hey there, looking for approximate values for my latest cards. Some have been cropped out as they were a friends. These cards arnt for sale or trade. I’m just looking to curate and value part of my collection (houge spreadsheet) Any help is welcome, thanks in advance!

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Just about all of these are in eBay right now.
You should get all the values with just 15 minutes of work;)


That was my first thought! however im not sure how accurate eBay can be with this sort of thing, i know prices vary quite alot and was looking for a more accurate expert/semi expert opinion!

Is it literally as simple as finding the average of 3 sold listings and removing fees? If thats the best method then i’ll do that :blush:
*Edit also every time i put Charizard into ebay I GET YOUR MAMMOTH AUCTION IN MY FACE GO AWAY.

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Yeah…the vast majority of English collectors here have bought and sold on eBay so it’s pretty reliable cause things are worth what someone will pay…not what someone says;)
For example, I’d pay 800.00 for a weak PSA 9 1st base char or 1200.00 for a strong one. On eBay the range is 1000.00-1500.00. So what’s it worth?

1st edition shadowless psa 9 Zard - 1500USD … I recently sold mine for about this much.

mint 9 shadowless zard - 300AUD

Mysterious mountains charizard if its first edition 1,200US if its not then 600US

Mint 9 japanese dragon frontiers zard - 1st edition: 500-800US Unlimited: 300US

Web charizard gem 10 about 400US

Gem 10 skyridge celebi… 600US

Krobat skyridge 250US

PSA 10 1st edition bw7 charizard 400-500US, Unlimited 200-300US

I dont know about the promos

this USD we’re talking about? in the UK the last few PSA 9 have sold for around £950-1250. Mostly on the + side of £1000.But again prices differ from auctions and BIN so its abit rough to pinpoint accurately.

I’ll just take an average of the last few that have sold, see what i come to :blush:

yes I wrote the currency next to all the things.

CHarizard should sell for 1400USD quite fast, 1500USD if you waited for a sale.

In my own opinion you should sell the 9’s you got and put it towards getting the ZARD gold star 1st edition in GEM 10. Whether that be through buying single gold stars and grading them or just Buying them straight out in Gem 10. Making the money from the Gold stars you got in 9, should be good to throw on the 10 version of it… Becuase lets face it, deese gold stars be very hard to find and get in 10.

Or you could sell all those 9’s you got including 1st ed zard, and drop the monrae on a GEM mint 10 Zard. In my own opinion 9’s arnt really worth much and there value sort of doesnt jump anywhere near like those 10’s do. But then again, this is base set 1st edition and even the mint 9’s are going to continue to grow in price like crazy. I saw charizard authority sell one for 900US and that was back when the aussie dollar completly matched US dollar. SO that would have been 920AUD, but now man they are 2400AUD… Thats a huge price jump in like 2-3 years.

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ON a serious note though very nice returns :blush:


Thanks guys. Almost done!
Just looking for an estimate on the PSA 10 Battle Road 2008 Charizard? Never Seen one for sale before for comparison. PSA 9 seems around the $80 Mark. pop 3…PSA 10 actually has a higher pop of 4…lol ._. …$200 seem around right?

Very nice pose…

Zard can fetch you a good 1400-1600$ USD. I’ve debated selling mine as well, but leaning towards hanging onto it. You never know if it could go up

Dude sell it and get the gem 10 one before you can never get it and it goes up by another 10 billion.

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Haha I dont have the extra 4gs I would need tho :stuck_out_tongue:

Sell your other base set 1st editions that are psa 10, and den pick them up later before its too late lol.

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