Korean Rayquaza/Giratina GET promos?..

are these fake?-.- or am I making myself look like an idiot arguing, and they are real?.. Lol


How many different languages did they make of these two cards?? I thought they were only given out in Japan lol shows how much I know.

They aren’t mine though. Someone posted them on virbank on facebook.

Damn! Now I need both sets… Haha

Super cool find, though. I’d be stoked to see this kind of thing with Mewtwo. :blush:


i left that virbank post after a few comments they had no idea what there talking about

Virbank members, in general, are experts on everything and how dare you dispute my bullshit claims. They literally know everything.


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oooohhh…I don’t care for the newer cards as much, but something makes me want the Japanese and Korean versions of those promos