Rayquaza/Giratina EX Super Rare Card Set Get!

Searched threads and the last discussion about these was in March 2012.

Any recent information about how much these generally go for? My interest in them has recently been rekindled.

The set that was on eBay sold for $26. But that’s probably a little (or a lot) low.

EDIT: Nevermind. I read this wrong. Not the same promos at all.

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I was not expecting to see them selling for as low as 26. But as you said, that might be a lot lower than they generally go for. However I have never seen a lot for them myself.

Oh, crap. Double checked. Not the same promos. I’ve seriously gotta stop trying to know anything about Japanese cards. Haha. >.>
Sorry about that Scott.

WORTH WAY MORE THAN $26. I derped.

Haha that’s alright. Yeah they are the 145/146 BW-P Promos. The ones where there are only 1000 printed.

I purchased mine via auction for 31,000 JPY (huge thanks to @bagoly14 and @elam18).

I’ve only seen a few copies sell and sellers often ask around $500.

Is that 500 dollars for both cards, or each?

My mistake! I meant as a set. :blush:

If anyone mentions seeing a pair gor auction tell them I am looking!

I’ve bought mine copy of the set for 25,500 yen

What are these exactly? Are they just Japanese versions of the rayquaza EX and Giratina EX cards that were released in English sets??

If I recall correctly they are lottery prizes.

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Could someone post of picture of these 2 cards just to clarify?

That is correct. There are 1,000 copies of each card in existence.

Here are the cards for reference:

Darn it, I thought I had my current EX cards completed. Ok, so now I am seeking these two.

I have the english version @binx345

Wait, I thought these 2 FA EX cards were exclusive to Japanese promos? As in, that exact artwork was never released in English versions. Or is there another promo deal that I don’t know about?

I have the English set FA EX, but the artwork is totally different from the 2 promos.

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< thought they were similar to the promos inside the team plasma box, but I was wrong.