First promo thing I’ve come across…
Similar to the Masaki promos Im assuming?
Either or…

My question here is… what are they worth?
Or will be worth? 1000 available in Japan?

collectorviper has more details and a picture:

See also pokemon-card.com:

With 1000 sets and lottery distribution similar to the Shiny Pokémon Present Campaign (062–066/L-P), I would expect the new set to trade at a similar price range, that is, at about 20-35k Yen on YJ.

yea i’m betting around the same market value especially when they will be given out.i do wonder how much even 1 will go to if its split up

20 000 yen?
That is insane!

well only 1000 copies thats why.the shiny pokemon present campaign which had only lugia and ho-oh shiny or the 3 legendary dogs shiny was around that price when they 1st came out.

I don’t think it will go that high. If it does the price will eventually drop down significantly like all the lottery card to around $50 each card.

Well, over the last 2-3 years four sets of cards were distributed through a lottery/sweepstakes mechanism, with their print runs known but different for the sets.

062–064/L-P, shiny dogs, 3-card set, print run 1000, price range about 23-40k Yen.
065–066/L-P, ho-oh/lugia, 2-card set, print run 1000, price range about 18-30k Yen.
071–076/L-P, kyogre+5, 6-card set, print run 5000, price range 6-7.5k Yen.
037–039/BW-P, cobalion+2, 3-card set, print run 2000, price range 7-9k Yen.

All I’m saying is that it would make sense for the new 2-card rayquaza/giratina set with print run 1000 to trade at a range similar to the shiny dogs and ho-oh/lugia promotions. Of course, print run is only one factor and a lot will depend on the popularity of the new set among collectors. But these new full art ex cards look pretty nice to me. Not mind-blowing artwork like the Fan Club Eevee or Jimmy’s Daisuki Trainers, but nice enough. I’d sure like to have a copy of the new set, and I can imagine that others will also find it desirable and attractive…

@haze - good luck with finding singles for $50!

So, how would we as collectors get ahold of these beauties?

like everyone has done we use a middle man and go on yahoo japan auctions for them lol.i have a feeling a few of these will hit ebay as well.the price will stay on the high end for awhile until american releases them but even then their prices wont go down much.i believe Haze was referring to was the legendary set of all 6 after the announcement of them to be in english they kinda went down in value but even then you are still paying about 300+ for them reguardless.i was happy enough to get one off ebay for 120 shipped sealed in the package and the letter included.

the lottery shining cards do look better but these also have a nice artwork

They will definitely drop in price. Master scrolls do not sell for 20,000 yen and they are less in number.

An english release will also help bring down their value.

+1 smpratte. The sweepstakes lottery promo with charizard etc look way better than the shinys and you cam get them for $30 a card. These lottery sets aren’t as rare as you guys think. They will eventually drop substantially, give a few years. Lol you can get way rarer cards for 20,000 yen lol.

Agreed about the 2002 sweepstake promos looking better than the shinys. They sell for less in part due to their higher print run of 3000. Btw, I’m certainly not “thinking” that the new lottery sets are particularly rare (or particularly common). The neat thing about the lottery promotions is that we *know* exactly how many there are because their print run is publicized in the promotion.

And yes, it is likely that the new shiny sets will eventually drop in price. I think they’re grossly overvalued precisely because we know that there are 1000 sets. But almost two years after their release they’re still fetching pretty good money.

As to master scroll, in contrast to lottery sets nobody knows how many there are, right? I’d argue there must be many more than 1000 because we see them so often, much more frequently than the lottery sets. I guess many of the esteemed Daisuki club members made the mistake of trading their action points for the master scroll which was the highest prize, while they should have traded for second-highest umbreon/espeon. Right now there are 2 master scrolls on YJ and 4 on ebay with no buyers anywhere near. This card has a big drop in price coming.

First set is up. Haze, good luck with your $50!

Oh how things can change in such a short time…


I don’t follow alot of the newer stuff, I may be mistaken but don’t you already have this set mate? (short of me checking IG and your collection thread)

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I have two sets, but it’s amazing to see that when it first came out it was predicted these cards wouldn’t go for more than around $50. And now they are going for around $1500 for the pair…

*slow hand clap* I guess I can’t say I’m surprised XD Are both sets psa 10 as well?

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Haha of course they are :wink:

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for some reason I feel the prices on these cards are being driven by the sellers. Everyone seems to be trying to cash in on. Just like the japanse guy who had all those japanese gold stars. There is probably a few people hoarding these selling them slowly.

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Yes I think we all understand that an item is only worth what people are willing to pay. Along with supply and demand having an effect. But if you look at gas prices they could slowly rise to triple and there are poeople who will pay for it. So that line of reasoning, even if its an opinion, shouldn’t be limited to that. I’ve noticed that particular card being sold on ebay, instagram and linked to a variety of other social sites. This particular card could be used a reference item to the collectors vs “collectors” discussion that was being had in another section. I get that you bought to help pay for the rest of your collection. However i think this cards value is being driven by people looking to make money on it. This card is chosen because of its percieved popularity and value have led to a lot of people buying it, grading and trying to sell it for what seems more than what this card should be going for. Another card that would match would be the M charizard 107. There are a lot of people grading it and recently a few people have gotten multiple psa 10s driving down the price.

Im not tyring to pick on you or discredit your opinion however this card seems to be having its price driven by what people think they can get it for it. Its a rayquaza (very popular pokemon), its rare (1000 made), cool and unique desing and the last thing is it grades an easy 10. Without even looking at the pop report i can say there is probably a near perfect psa 10 record.

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