Rayquaza EX & Giratina EX BW Korean Promo Information

I’ve had a real struggle to find any information on these two cards. I would really like to know how they were given out (or awarded?) and how many of them were made. Any help would be appreciated! :blush:

also, I know they came in a folder. If anyone has that folder, I’d be very interested in buying :blush:

Huh well that’s interesting. I just recently found out the japanese lottery versions exist lol. I searched the web a little and couldn’t find anything except your ebay and a video by a kid called pokecentral on youtube. Looks like he had the korean and japanese set. Might be worth a try asking him, although that video was like 2 years old.

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I wish there was a bulbapedia page for them :slightly_frowning_face: lol

But that would be too convenient

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Rayquaza is on ebay. I believe the Rayquaza is #145 it is a promo. I think there were only 1000 given out or something like that.

Edit: Sorry just realized you meant the Korean version.

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