What's in these Korean Promo Packs?

I recently picked these up:

I know the contents of a few, but the rest don’t have much information:

Ho-Oh pack was given out for attending the premiere of the 20th anniversary movie, contains the shining legends Ho-Oh with a unique stamp on it (Unlike the JP version, this stamp is the name of the movie, not the set):

Darkrai pack was given out for another movie premiere, contains this stamped promo:

The Zeraora pack has a promo with a korean-exclusive artwork + movie stamp:

(for reference, the JP + US prints have this art):

I’m assuming the Armored Mewtwo one contains a Korean version of the card.

I have no idea what the others contain (I’m hoping they’re stamped promos as well!). I primarily collect promos with unique stamps on them, so I was wondering if anyone else knew if the cards inside looked different than their US / JP versions.

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