King_Pokemon New MTG Video

I know my first video sucked and I was given some tips from you guys like title the video, landscape the camera, etc. Well, it probably still sucks but maybe not as bad? I don’t know why it cut off when it did. I wasn’t able to show the back row.

This is my Magic collection which I quit on and stored 15 years ago. I was going over some of the singles prices and some of them were crazy. I had no idea.

Well give me your feedback, maybe subscribe or share, but please don’t be too tough on me;)


I just suscribed :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m pretty sure that many people will be interested in hearing what you have to say about tcg :blush:

Keep it up Gary !

Nice, needs more charizard though :wink:

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Hahaha! That intro was hilarious!

Out of curiosity, are you uploading from your phone Gary? If so it might be better to plug it in directly to your computer so the video uploads in HD. :blush:


Love that intro Gary haha :blush:


Straight from the phone. I’ll try to figure out the computer way. I have the newest iPad. Wonder if that’ll be better?

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The intro haha! Nice work though Gary I just subscribed as well. If we can start seeing some Pokemon videos you might give Scott a run for his money :wink: lol

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Awesome! Would love to see some Pokemon videos.

Ah ok, there should be an option to upload directly to youtube when viewing the video on your phone. There is an HD option when uploading from your phone, but you have to be connected to wifi. If you plug it into your computer it will be HD as well. I would imagine the ipad should work similarly!

How did I miss this!!? I’m five seconds in, very awsome intro! back to the video! :blush:

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Saaame! Subbed.

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Dang I was enjoying the video and it just suddenly ended! That was cool thanks for sharing. I hope you post more.

Glad this was bumped! Very cool! Keep it up, happy to watch any content you put out there :blush: