New YouTube Channel!!

I’ve just started my YouTube channel to do anything and everything Trading Card Games.

My main focuses are: Card Finance, Collecting, Trading, Helping the community improve their knowledge about cards and how to get them.

Drop a Like and Sub if you’d like - trying to get my feet off the ground. Have had multiple other successful YouTube accounts in the past for different things. Constructive criticism is welcomed :blush: Tell me what you think of the banner and icon I made as well as the first couple videos. Thanks guys!

My YouTube:
My Instagram: TheCardGuruTCG

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Nice stuff dude, you’re really going about building your collection in a smart and economically savvy way - not to mention it’s fun!

Looking forward to seeing how your collection comes together.

I appreciate that! Maybe one day it will be something of greatness!

Great to see more people getting into youtube!! Best of luck with your channel, I have subscribed :blush:

Thank you so much! And I’ve been doing YouTube for about 5-6 years but on and off with it. Something always came up after I got my foot in the door. Hope that’s not the case this time around! Look forward to seeing you around.

Nice one - I’ve subscribed - I’m just getting back into making YouTube videos too.

I think I watched one of your videos! Thanks!

Nice intro video, subbed, best of luck with the youtube!


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Thanks so much for the support everyone! Glad you guys are liking it!

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Just uploaded a new video about how I got my 1st Edition Team Rocket Booster Box! Check it out!

Now when are you going to upload the video of you opening it?

Cool story on how you got the box. Some feedback would be that I don’t think the music is necessary, would rather be able to focus more on what you’re saying. Great content though!

Thank you - I realized after I uploaded it that at points it was just too loud. Considering taking it down and re-uploading lower. And this box won’t be opened for a while if at all haha. I can’t afford to take that hit. Thank you for the critique though!

Yeah keep it sealed man. I don’t have the self control to keep it sealed so I have a lot of respect to anyone who manages to do so. The music isn’t horrible, just for future reference!

I know a lot of dark type Neo cards get sold as unlimited too, with the 1st Ed symbol being rather difficult to see.

Haha - yeah it definitely takes some self control. I just have to remind myself what the pros and cons of opening it are. Now if I got some crazy amount of subscribers I would absolutely open it to celebrate as all YouTubers do but at that point the channel is paying for the box.

Yeah music seemed fine but it got a bit louder than I wanted it to at points. Think I might have to make an adjustment. Gonna take it down and reupload - you’ll have to check it again in an hour or so and let me know how it sounds!

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Alright I hopefully fixed it - let me know how the audio is on this one!