I started a YouTube video series! Collecting on a budget.

Hey everyone, so not long ago I started a youtube channel with my main focus being my collecting on a budget series. The reason I decided to make this series is because when I first started collecting I was a jobless university student who couldn’t afford to be frivolous with how I spent my money. So I had to be careful with every single pokemon card purchase I made as I wanted to get the absolute most out of my money. Since then I have gotten a good job, but despite having significantly more disposable income I still do my best to get the most value out of my pokemon purchases.

Many people today are in the same boat I was when I first got back into collecting. I know collecting can be very intimidating and it is easy to get discouraged at times, especially in today’s market. I am here to do my best to teach and show you that even with a small budget it is absolutely reasonable to acquire a very nice card collection. There are countless cheaper options, high bang for your buck items, and undervalued cards and products no one ever talks about.

It was difficult to decide what video to highlight in this thread but I settled with my most recent video.
In this video I talk about how the modern english booster box often does not offer the most value for your money and I show real examples of other products that offer more for less at very affordable prices.

Watch to the end for a blooper.

I have many other videos and I have a lot planned for the future of this series as well as other video projects.
Thank you to anyone who takes the time to read this and watch my videos as well as to everyone who has given me immense positivity and support already. I wouldn’t of made it past my 2nd video without you guys.

Hopefully I can help someone half as much as this community has helped me since this was the only way I felt I was personally capable of giving back.
I am looking forward to sharing my love and passion for pokemon cards with you guys!


@sacari I know all about collecting on a budget and finding value buying and cards people don’t talk about. I almost did a similar series a few months back but didn’t want to share my purchases until I finished those eras and sets. I like your videos by the way and I’ll go check to see the ones i missed. I already subscribed a month or so ago. Good luck man!


R u single? Asking for a friend


Got a chance to watch your vid and happy to say I enjoyed it! I feel like a lot of times videos like PokeRev , @leonhart, etc. are well made and excellently informed but sometimes make themselves distanced away from lower-budget collectors since they can’t fully relate to all of the hype due to cost. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a place for them and they deserve the praise and highlights they get, but it’s rare I watch their content. I much prefer @thecharizardauthorty as a go between low budget and high budget since it feels like he treats all the cards the same but has a profound respect and love for them. It also seems sincere. His videos remind me of how I feel now at my best with collecting. Yours was highly relatable and I believe the best thing for collectors who are in danger of feeling potentially “burnt out” and feel like they can’t access Pokemon if they’re new to it - your video circumvents that and allows people to get back into it with a fresh outlook that seems promising.

Good stuff, man.


Yes I am single :wink:

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@azulryu, Thank you for all the kind words it really means a lot to me and I am very glad to hear you enjoyed the video! I definitely know exactly what you mean and I try and make my videos more relatable to your average collector. I noticed that a lot of the stuff I personally see seems to be kind of out of touch and unrelatable to new or returning collectors so I try and make stuff anyone who enjoys collecting could potentially enjoy. It’s funny you mentioned getting burnt out because I actually have plans on doing a video on that exact thing some time in the future.


keen as! Goodluck mate

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Really like the concept of your channel, hope you keep posting more videos!

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Just watched a few of your videos this morning and really enjoyed them. Keep it up!

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asking as well, but im also just trying to fit in.


@sacari, glad you finally posted it here like we talked about :blush:

And as always, loving the content. Keep it going dude and glad to see you having so much fun with this all!

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I won’t be single for long at this rate.

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Stay single brother;)


Thank you! Glad you enjoyed them :blush:

nice job!

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Hi @sacari started watching your videos. Really liked them. I think you are clear and pleasant to listen to. Your collection videos were awesome, keep up the great work. Looking forward to more in the “collecting on a budget” series. Subscribed!



Thanks for the encouraging words! Very glad to hear that you liked them :blush:

Very nice. This summed up exactly how I shop for Pokemon too. I also am a bit of a bargain hunter in that I look for discounted/clearance items and find tcg stuff at scratch & dent stores that I frequent but I realize not everyone has access or time to do that. Looking forward to seeing more on this topic!

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What’s a scratch and dent store?

Basically a store that buys all sorts of products with damaged packaging, overstock items, and returns from big box stores etc (walmart, amazon, target etc) and sells it to the public for a steep discount. One close to me has had amazing deals on sealed Pokemon and Magic product for a long time. During store-wide sales I get stuff for like 75% off MSRP, but people around here have started to catch on and most of it now disappears as soon as they get anything in stock.

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