Jaxlax21's Greninja Collection

Love your greninja collection. I live through you for these cards, i couldn’t start a greninja collection lol.

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Then you’ll be in for a treat when my latest PSA return gets back to me, got 1 significant upcharge on a Greninja card that I am crazy excited for!


Great collection! I love that ninja frog! I have a very modest Greninja binder collection. No duplicate arts though. Just missing the Break card. Seems I never run across that one. Thanks for sharing!

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For a binder copy the BREAK shouldnt be too hard to come by. Getting high grade copies of that are super hard though. I settled on a 9 a while ago.

Bit of an update, but PSA finally got around to adding my slot requests to the Greninja registry set list. Which at least until someone else adds what I had added, puts me at #1 for the first time since starting my Registry!!


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Sick collection!!! Greninja is such a cool mon i hope they give it and other starters more alt art love for collectors out there in S&V. You could totally obtain that tokyo lottery promo too never say never!!

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Thank you! There have been a lot of Greninja variants lately, I’m perfectly happy if there was a little break on the new cards.

It sure would be nice to get a copy of the Lottery Ash-Greninja, but I sadly dont have thousands laying around to buy one :cry:


The XY24 black star promo of yours is amazing!!! such sick artwork

The Japanese version of that card is my overall favorite Greninja card, such great art! I love all of the ones that play up the Dark Type it also has.

Updated to add newest PSA returns.

Greninja Charizard Mega Battle PSA 10

Greninja 40/122 Wave Slasher Theme Deck Cracked Ice Holo PSA 9

Greninja V Sword & Shield Intro Deck exculsive non-holo PSA 10, pop 1


Oooo, super nice. It’s an awesome card and to have a 10 grade is also just cheery on top. Congratulations.


I’m simply blown away getting a 10! I cracked that sucker out of a CGC 8! It’s my favorite Greninja card and I had assumed I would never get a 10 of it. Currently at the top of my collection, can’t wait for it to actually get here. I was too excited getting the scans from PSA not to update on here.


This is my Dream! :heart_eyes:

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Just got the scans back for my latest submission, so adding these to the collection thread.


Newest addition, upgraded from a 9 into this 10.


Newest addtion


Newest scans from my latest submission


Newest addition, now to wait for PSA to add it to the registry!

Upgraded these two from 9s! Had to go through the new eBay Authentication for the BREAK. I was happy it only added I think 2 days in shipping time.

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