Japanese Skyridge Charizard 089/088 1st edition

Hey guys, I’m wondering how much this is worth? I’ve been finding the cards from Skyridge like Ho-Oh, Charizard, etc. Going for what I believe are ludicrous prices, take this one for example:


I got mine for no more than 2,400 Yen a few months back, what’s the real price for these?

That one is over priced. It’s EX/NM at best.

I sold mine last winter for $200. Took me a few months to sell, too.

Thanks mate, damn! 200! Should’ve bought more, I used to find them for $20-$30 at that time.

What about the Ho-Oh? I’m kicking myself for not buying one when I could, I love the art on that one.

Hard to say on Ho-Oh because all I’ve seen are asking prices.

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