Price check: 1st Edition Skyridge Crystal Charizard [JPN]

Hey guys, I decided not to go with the rest of the Skyridge Crytal PKMN cards, so I was wondering what’s the current price for the 1st Ed. Charizard in Exc-NM condition:

Probly in the 200-500 range

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Thanks mate, I take it eBay would be the best option to sell?

For a card like that i’d go ebay

Thanks gents, I’ll be putting the card on eBay on Monday, would it be best to make it an auction or buy-it-now with a “best offer”?

I think it depends on how urgently you need the money. If you don’t need it badly and are happy to wait to get the best possible price for it, I’d list it as a buy-it-now for perhaps a bit more than you’d be happy to get for it. Then buyers can make best offers in the range that you’re looking for.

Alternatively, if you need the money sooner, I’d list it as auction with a reasonable starting bid. It’s entirely up to you!


Yea it would definitely sell in an auction. Even a buy it now on the lower end of the 200-500 range should sell quickly