Crystal Charizard, Skyridge

Asking for a price range for a NM regular holo crystal charizard from skyridge, checked ebay complete listings and couldnt find an ungraded card sale

These have dramatically dried up. I rarely ever see them. Makes me think maybe Scott’s right about being within a decade of a PSA standard for old cards.

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I recently bought a mint one for $159 on eBay

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You got an incredible deal! :blush:


I love when ebay stores don’t know what they have lol :laughing:

$120-130. Another member on here got a Gem Mint ungraded copy for ~$150 a while ago.

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I scored my copy for around $120 and it just got a 10 from PSA :blush:


@ljgenco12 forget your 10, your PSA 1 Crystal Zard is the highlight!


I think these numbers are very low, completed listings show reverse zards going for over $200 AUD,

Haha you know it! :wink:

If you’re looking to buy, look for US listings. As a fellow Aussie, I know what you’re talking about, but prices on eBay Australia are generally quite a bit higher than on eBay US. The numbers that others are quoting are not particularly low. You just have to look around.


yeah i checked the US site after i wrote that, cheers

Are you looking to buy or sell by the way? Or just out of interest?

buy, i lost an auction today for one

was it the one warren was selling? I was watching that also, quickly got past my max…

yeah, i put a $240 bid, ended up selling a little over that

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I was watching that one too. It’s the first to pop up in Australia for a long long time so I was curious to see how much they sell for here now.

It’s pretty high. I wouldn’t be surprised if it pops up again though. Quite a few of his higher end cards have finished super high and come up again after a few days. Possible he has multiple copies or people are bidding crazy high and pulling out.

yeah thats a good point, i might get a second chance offer if im lucky :stuck_out_tongue:

He’s got multiple copies of a lot of things apparently. I asked him about that exactly. There’s a chance the Skyridge Charizard might come up again because of that.

Are you only after the regular holo, @acebren, or are you happy with either the reverse or the regular? It’s definitely annoying to have a max bid so close to the sale price… Everyone here knows that feeling.