Price check on PSA 10 holo Crystal Charizard?

anyway Hi,

I’ve been out of the scene for so long and today out of bordeom I checked eBay for prices and then suddenly, I froze.
I got the PSA 10 holo crystal charizard for cheap ($250) 2 years ago. now it’s over $2k? Is this real? It’s the Holo version too, not reverse holo and that’s another question that’s baffling me as well: Why is the reverse holo version WAY, WAY less expensive?

how the hell did these prices skyrocket in little time, but not some other cards? i.e. PSA 10 1st ed gold star shiny charizard (japanese)…

Are you sure it was only 2 years ago that you paid $250? They were still quite pricey back then for a 10

wouldn’t have a clue about the JP zard you referenced, but its not fair to compare the performances of two different languages, english appeals to a larger number of collectors

Skyridge is a very desireable set and very sought after by most collectors. Skyridge is the crown jewel in the set, so yes 2k+ is true :blush:

the reverse holo crystals are way less appealing and also less sought after, hence the dramatic difference in price.
The Japanese gold star zard for example, is much less collectible. It has a smaller target audience and with pop only rising, the prices stay the same (or even drop).

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I believe the reverse holo is selling for $1,000+ now. Wasn’t too long ago maybe a year the reverse was around $300-$350 range and the regular holo was $800-$900


Ouch, painful story in the offer history for this bad boy

Buyer offers $2900 on Oct 22nd, seller declines
-no other offers received-
Same buyer offers $2000 on Oct 24th, seller accepts

But at least we have a price point for this card! :blush:

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I believe the $2900 was a counter offer from the seller but the buyer declined the offer. The buyer then submits another $2k offer and got accepted, most probably after a few messages on eBay.

I think $2k is pretty low for this card, considering the most recent Ho-Oh went for over $1800. Might’ve done better as an auction, as there was a raw copy that went for $1600.

If I recall (I may be wrong), the 1st ed Japanese version of this same Zard holo card was worth more than 1k back then? Seems to be that price now though.

Hard to say because I’m in the European market, most Europeans prefer Japanese cards (most Europeans don’t understand English but understand that Japanese is the original language for the cards, hence the prices.)

It used to be around 8-900 a year ago and it’s still at roughly the same amount. We have seen a vast increase of prices on the English cards, but Japanese have been slacking alot. Unsure if they will either catch up or gonna lose in pricing to their English counterparts.