Is this an error card?

I was looking at this reverse holo Wingull of the Ruby and Sapphire set. Seems like the “window” holo is smaller than it should be. It looks great, but seems to be an error. Anyone knows…?

Huh. That is rather odd. I’m used to seeing regular holo’s with similar errors, but this is the first time I’ve seen a reverse holo with that effect. I suppose it’s possible though!

There are no clues to suggest that it is fake. It is mint. It looks awesome.
Does anyone have the same card but doesn’t have this error? That might help. I looked on the internet but there aren’t good pictures available.

it would be my first error find ever! Good thing the art is quite nice.

annoyingly I don’t have this card to be able to compare it, sorry

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oops double posted

Would you be able to post a picture of the whole card? Front and back?

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Not gem mint, but I’d considder it mint.

I could realy use some more opinions on this. :blush:

It is an error, but the error is both common and undesirable. So value is lower than its normal counterpart, which is already extremely cheap.

Aww bummer, thanks for your reply though

Also, most of the collectors here would probably say the edge whitening on the back of that card means it definitely is not “mint.” It’s probably fair to call it EX, but the picture is a bit blurry so it’s hard to tell.

Just something to keep in mind if you decide to sell cards on eBay or wherever.

My personal rule: I never advertise a card I am selling as “mint” unless it has been PSA graded as such, or it is still in its original packaging (for instance, CD promos that have never been removed).