Is this an error card?

Found this one in a lot. I think it is usually holo? Can someone give me some insight? Thanks!

Looks fake to me, the lettering on the attacks looks off.

Yes thought so too, but I checked it. It appears to be a real card.


looks fake from first glance… or someone had fat sweaty fingers for a long time and has melted the black ink and spread it.

Looks fake, a pic of the back may help verify that.

I looked at the card again. I agree, it looks fake on first glance, but I am not sure on this one. I have seen plenty of fakes, but this one has the black paper layer in the card. Here are two more pictures. Do you still think it is fake? Will not hurt my feelings if it is. Yes, the ink smeared upon printing. I tried to see if I could further smear it, but could not.

Just posted above.

Looks legitimate to me.

Looks real to me. Probably smudged or printed a few times on top of each other. I’ve seen it a few times before. I’ve also seen grey prints and double prints (causing a 3D effect similar to the 3D Base Set 1st edition stamps).


There’s a non holo theme deck version. I don,t want to sound rude, but it’s literally the first result that pops up on google if you search ‘heliolisk non holo’. :blush:

The card looks legit, though I’m not really sure what caused that smudged ink.

Cool. As you can see, I did not spend too much time looking into it. Have too many cards to process. So not taken as rude at all. Thanks for the feedback!!!

It looks real, it’s a misprint.