Ex Emerald Holo Grumpig. IS this for real?

I can’t find another grumping card similar to the one i have ANYWHERE online.
My card is a grumping 30/106 from the ex emerald series.
Every image or description I see online is NOT for a holo card though. And the background of the pokemon image on my card IS holo.
ALSO it has the words exEmerald holo on the front in the image box.

Can anyone tell me what this means? why i can’t find any like it online or why mine is different?

It’s the reverse holo. There’s a reverse parallel for most of the cards in the set

I thought reverse holo was when the entire card was holo but the art of the pokemon in the box wasn’t ?

Cause this is what it looks like:

I guess technically the card isn’t “reverse” holo, but it’s how they did it for that set and most of the ex series.

oh okay, thanks for the help guys :blush:

i have so many trouble with these sets, sometimes i can’t tell when its real or not. some just look fake but are not (team aqua and magma cards mostly). i also have a medicham with golden letters, golden border, holo background and ex power keepers in it. its probably a fake toh

Rare reverses can have golden letters and borders so it may be real. They look kind of tacky in my opinion

it really confuses me. how can i tell which card came with golden borders, which with the logo and which with golden letters

i mean look at this(i’m aware that the card is in a bad shape, maybe PSA 0,5)

That’s a fake one, the colorless type stars are way to big.

Also no ’ over the e in the word pokemon

Yeah, it’s fake. As @snap said, Pokemon instead of Pokémon is a common mistake in fake cards. I also check the back of the card and compare it with a real one, the difference is more noticeable most of the times.