Is this a fake card?

I bought a collection and this card was in with the mix. I typically rip fakes in half and toss them in the trash, and I am was pretty convinced this was fake but for some reason I kept it.
I still think its a fake, but I figured I would post the picture on here. It’s a Japanese card, with an English back, and the only other examples of this card I could find were Japanese Backed with a silver border on the front.

But it feels real, it has what looks to be the right holo pattern from what I could tell of the normal version (I don’t have a regular on hand), it’s not flimsy like the other fakes I have come across in the past.

Anyway, for some reason I thought maybe it could be real but doubted it.

Here are two quick pictures:

Actually, what you are holding is a Korean CP2 card. It’s a legit card. Korean cards have similar backs as English cards :blush:


Oh, well that makes me feel dumb then. lol

Are these not very popular then? I couldn’t find a picture of this on google.

I guess Korean cards aren’t that popular in general so there really aren’t many scans. But it’s a legit card definitely :blush:

I found this, Pikachu from the same set:

Is there an English equivalent? The card looks sweet.

Yes there is. Those cards were released as Promos in English on Pikachu EX & Hoopa EX Legendary Collection boxes. The holo pattern is different on them than on Japanese and Korean.

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That’s a very sweet looking card. Thanks. :grin: