Is it better for Arita to sign the CARD or the SLAB?

Is it better (value-wise) to have Mitsuhiro Arita sign right on the surface of a card, or on its PSA slab? This card will be for my personal collection, not for selling.


Whatever you prefer.


65% of the forum correctly think on the card, but really it’s up to personal preference

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As @pottsinator, said, its really a preference thing here. I plan to crack my psa cases of two of my favorite cards (dark typhlosion and dark raichu psa 9) because Id really love for them to be physically signed and then recased. The case to me would be nice, but id rather not run the risk of it ever smearing off being that I truly want my cards to always hold the signature. But again, to each their own!

Depends if cards already slabbed

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PSA slab because you can sell the card for both markets, people who like signed cards and people who doesn’t.


You guys have been so helpful, so thanks!

The card is already slabbed. I’m almost afraid of damaging it if I take it out, hence my curiosity about what there is to gain by having the card itself signed.

Nothing really, just for your personal collection if you rpefer it that way. Value wise I would say sign the slab.

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it’s actually more like 67.385%

Please avoid rounding up statistical numbers, answer is 67.385428748523949 last 9 being periodic.


Card signed. I believe it’s more personal and means more when you’re willing to put ink to a card rather than on a slab. It shows you value the signature and where it’s from.


Preference is overrated. 1/3rd of the forum is just beta.

Sign the card.

If you’re not comfortable, lower the bar on the card until you are.




The way I look at is:
Is the card already graded?
If so is it a 10/ hard to grade/ expensive card?
If so grade the case.

Is the card already Graded?
If so is it an easy grade/ low price card?
Crack it and get the card signed

And finally
Just buy a raw copy if you want the card signed


Grow some balls, sign it to the card


If its an expensive card then sign the slab, If its a cheap card, sign the card. If you ever sell the card in the future and its an expensive card, your limiting your buyer pool since auto collecting is a niche market.

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Tell that to the ebayers that had Fukuda sign their gold stars so they could mark up the price by a lot lol

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Imo its a nitche and a risky move, it’s better to sign the case to satisfy both sides, if you want to sell in the future. But the inner Yolo in me does say go for the card.


Arita signs a lot more than Fukuda. You can list a card for anything you want, doesn’t mean it will sell. Personally if I were to buy a signed card for a high markup, it better not be personalized. I think Fukuda is the only artist that has mandatory personalization so thats already a very limited market.

I think more artists should follow in Fukuda’s footsteps with personalized signatures.