Autographs on cards

So lets say you have a card. You like the art of that card. You want to get it signed by the artist. Do you want the autograph ON THE CARD or would you grade the card first and then let the artist sign on the plastic container. Or is there a third way im missing…?

To me, on the card is 10000% better than on the slab. The “best” option is to buy graded, carefully crack the slab, get signed, then regrade


Could have them sign you, then you hold the card and never wash that part of your body again so that it can always be on display…

All jokes aside, really up to the person and preference. I for one dont like the idea of a signed slab and much rather the actual card take the sig, but thats just me. In which if that time ever came for me i already decided id crack slabs to get my cards signed then just regrade, or buy a raw and go that route. Again, at the end of the day, its your hearts desire. :blush:


I like the sign on the card but NOT on the art, just on the text

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I would prefer to “upgrade” a PSA 4-6 condition card by having it be graded as a 10 authentic autograph.

In my mind it rescues a great card in terrible condition!

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Slabs are not a part of the collectible. They service the collectible.

Autographs are cool because of how they impact the collectible.

Signing a slab misses the point.

Ultimately, people can do whatever they want. But if you’re signing a case, it better be for you. Because 99.9% of signature collectors, which is already a niche in itself, are going to see it as unsigned.


I was wondering if an autograph makes a card lose value, because after all you are messing with its condition. The ink could be wiped over the rest of the card for example. Or the autograph could look messy because the artist was in a hurry.

But that makes sense. I guess from every normal person, writing something on a card would devalue it. Unless it comes from the artist or the creator of whatever is on the card or someone whos involved in some other way.

Then the question just becomes where you have the autograph. On the back? On the picture, beneath the picture but still in the frame or on the text?

A damaged signature absolutely affects the value, this Grovyle for example has been sitting on ebay for months I believe at $300 because nobody wants it

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Just did this for a Hakeem Olajuwon rookie. Cracked a very presentable psa 5 and got it signed. Now if only PSA accepted submissions…lol

It looks like smeared poop :slightly_frowning_face:


I said it.


yeah… smeared gold is really really unfortunate

I agree 10000% with this. Also, I feel like having the signature on the slab itself would be damaging to the sig long term. If the signature is on the card, in the slab, it shouldn’t get damaged (outside of sun, but that could happen on the case too)

On the card. That’s the majority for all hobbies.

Something to consider for signed slabs, I consigned some recently and had multiple people ask if the autograph had a coa. It was impossible to say yes since it was on the outside of the case. Even knowing it was authentic, there is inherently room for doubt.


To answer your last point, I would always defer to the artist! I’d never ask for a card to be signed on the back, as you would want the art & autograph visible together. Otherwise, artists are conscientious of what they believe would look best, and what fits their style.

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Makes perfect sense! thx for the answers guys

So I’m pretty skeptical of most autographs. I have a background in film memorabilia where it takes a lot to convince a collector an autograph is real. Every autograph is assumed fake unless you have a lot of proof and even then there is a leap of faith involved. I don’t collect autographs even though I think they’re usually cool.

If it was an autograph I obtained personally, I would prefer it on the case exterior. Authenticity would not be an issue and I would know it was real because I received it. The integrity of the original item would be preserved.

But if it was an autograph I was purchasing from someone else, I would prefer it on the card. Both because 1) it can be authenticated by a grading service and 2) it is less likely someone would damage an otherwise valuable card just for the risky grift.

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Right on the card, in bold black Sharpie. (Well, in this case, bold black マッキー, since that’s how we do it here in Japan.)

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On the card for sure, not covering the art though. Signatures on the slabs does nothing for me. :confused: