i wouldn’t be surprised to see it featured in stuff like build and battle decks, but every player will be trying to get at least 4 copies immediately. some might try and get more for back up

oh I’m just talking about the JP side, I think English will be fine lol

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ah yeah i expect it to be ridiculous, like 1000y or something for the uncommon

Admittedly, I don’t know much about the Japanese side and their releases. How did the situation fare when Cynthia from Ultra Prism was released? It seems like a pretty similar situation, as Cynthia is a popular character and was in the uncommon slot and was pretty much a 3-4-of in every deck due to being the best printed supporter card at the time. The Japanese box shortage this time around will probably amplify the cost of Iono by no small amount though.

@inertgeometry I think I could see this (I think Cynthia was around $10 a card in English until more copies surfaced and brought the cost down?). But I don’t believe Iono’s playability should factor too much into boosting the SR/SAR price by a huge margin. We’ll never know though, since it’s probably already written in the stars that the Iono SR/SAR will be the most expensive supporter card on release just due to sheer popularity.

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I’m so glad they made it a supporter, reset stamp was so busted.


its hard for me to believe it wont matter (much). japan players are more accustomed to using max rarity for some bizarre reason. the simple fact that more people will be trying to buy copies (some players potentially attempting to buy 2-4).

the quantity of demand will be higher by a non-insignificant amount. like, lets say the card was absolute trash (something like a rival/draw 3). most people would only buy one, and most players wouldn’t bother. with an effect like this, now you have some players, lets say 1-5%, who will be trying to pick up 2-4 copies. considering their tournaments cap out at over 3000 players which is a small % of their actual player base, that would be an extra 60-600 copies sold to players and away from collectors. (using what i consider to be a conservative estimate based on the numbers laid out)

Ah, I didn’t know that about Japanese players preferring max rarity. In that case, yeah, I would expect it to go absolutely nuts then :sweat_smile:

definitely not all, but a huge % compared to western players

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I don’t think this is going to be as earth shattering as you might think. Playable cards spike in value but they usually come crashing down after rotation ends. Mewtwo EX from BW Next Destinies, Shaymin EX from roaring skies, Tapu Lele GX from guardians rising, etc all were extremely valuable during their playing years but their cards crashed down to roughly where similar rarity cards were post-rotation. The full art will certainly be a chase, but if you want one for your collection, I’d just wait a few years and Im sure it will be much cheaper.

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Same thought here, my jaw literally dropped

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100%. thats why you can pick up marnie from shield for a bargain of 200000y rn

Marnie is Marnie. Really not a great example when talking about any of this IMO.

Look at the sun & moon full art trainers that are the most expensive. Out of the most expensive, none were that playable when they were in the format.

Not even these? :thinking:

A good card but not near the top supporters of the format IMO

I believe that card’s price is carried mostly by the character on the card, not the actual effect of the card.

Edit: 1 copy of Lillie in Worlds top 4 2019, 2 copies of Lillie in Worlds top 4 2018. Pretty minimal play IMO. Was never considered a staple.

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If it’s good enough to see play, I think Iono’s popularity in Japan will dictate the price high enough to impact players, especially those going for max rarity decks. This set is currently the only way to get them, and the long unresolved box availability there will continue to be an obstacle

The English side is another story, TPCi only has to focus on one large set (Paldea Evolved) for the months leading up to Worlds 2023 and waifu fandom isn’t nearly as crazy outside Japan/China

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I think the most important thing at the moment is whether or not the full art looks good. Then maybe my mind will change ¯_(ツ)_/¯

With the increase in talented artists rostered for the best set cards, I think it’s going to be very easy for TPC to shell out good art. Even without Naoki Saito or kirisAki, they are doing extremely well

SA Sylveon VMAX - Taira Akitsu
SAR Miriam - Akira Komayama

I bet kurumitsu is being saved for Iono’s SAR, since not only their art style is similar to Naoki Saito’s but he also heavily promoted their other work early on


boss’s orders giovanni is also one of the most expensive full art supporters currently from year 1 of SWSH, but boss’s orders will remain in the format for at least another 2 years

I think the argument is not that the most expensive full art trainers are expensive because of playability, but that playability is another aspect that can possibly contribute to further inflating prices for full art trainers.

I think this is still largely the case. The idea put forth here is that if a popular supporter was a competitive staple vs not a competitive staple, the price of the card would be greater if the former is true. And with Iono, we have a perfect storm of meteoric rises in full art trainer card prices, one of the most popular characters from Scarlet/Violet (I actually didn’t know this, but I will assume it to be true), and an extremely powerful supporter effect (as mentioned above, probably a 2-4-copy card in all competitive decks). Thus, :chart_with_upwards_trend::chart_with_upwards_trend::chart_with_upwards_trend:

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exactly. i think pokemon did this intentionally to honor what they believe to be the most popular character from the generation. i mean they did that whole promo series with her before the games came out. clearly they have a lot invested in this character.