SV2p (Snow Hazard) and SV2d (Clay Burst) were just revealed last night/today depending where you are. We knew from sell sheets that this double set would feature Iono, the streamer personality (basically a VTuber) and that she is most likely going to be the Lillie/Marnie of this generation.

Considering how crazy the headlining supporter SARs have been in the last couple of sets (Miriam currently over 100k Y and Dendra about 75000Y), we knew Iono would shatter both of those most likely by a long shot just because of the nature of her character design.

…and then the card designers decided to give her the effect of a couple of the best supporters of all time combined into one (N and Marnie):

Each player shuffles their hand and puts it on the bottom of their deck. Then, each player draws a card for each of their remaining Prize cards.

Now the most likely candidate to be the most expensive supporter of the generation will also be one of the most in demand supporters for players. TPC/TPCi are either negligent, or more likely, deliberate with making this card the perfect storm to completely shatter market “norms” (whatever that means at this point).

Now that the rant is over, I will say, I’m beyond stoked for the ruin mons to make their TCG debut! (still waiting for wo-chen’s reveal)

and plenty of amazing artwork as usual

I’ll follow up here with future reveals. this double set is going to be one to remember…


This reaction feels a little dramatic. There are bound to be plenty of copies available.

Maybe I have an unpopular opinion, but including a well-liked character in the competitive meta is a great thing. Players love to play with their favorite Pokemon and characters.


I didn’t know she had that effect this is going to be crazy to watch! :sweat_smile:

I’ve shared my excitement across the forum and discord already about this set and I’m sure I’ll be in this thread constantly to keep doing so.

  1. I don’t think Iono is nearly as popular as Marnie.
  2. Getting copies of Marnie has never been hard. They’ve made so many versions of the card. Same will happen with Iono.
  3. The most expensive waifu cards are not even playable. Playability doesn’t affect waifu prices as much as you might think.
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of course it is dramatic

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i didn’t say it would be hard. i’m just saying it is going to be more expensive than it would be if this effect was on someone who isn’t forecasted to be the most popular female supporter of the generation. also, playability definitely matters on the price of a card. its simple supply and demand 101. if it is a good card, more people are trying to acquire it which makes it more in demand.

Playability matters but it matters way less than collectability. Yes, it will be more expensive than if it wasn’t playable but I would be incredibly shocked if Iono is the “most expensive supporter of the generation”.

marnie is the most expensive of swsh for the same reasons iono will likely be outside of some rare prize/lottery japanese supporter

All I know is that both of those Raichus are amazing


I don’t think playability of Iono will elevate the cost of the SAR Iono by a large margin. The high cost really stems from the collector side of the hobby and not the competitive side. Yes, Iono will be a heavily played supporter competitively, but long-time players are often looking for the lowest-rarity version of cards to play with, to keep costs down. There are people that like to fully bling out their competitive decks, but I would say they are a small minority.

On another note, that Raichu looks great!

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I think Marnie is the most expensive because it’s also Marnie… Marnie is just a super popular SWSH character.

Idk, I don’t really believe in Iono. I feel like even a Nemona card that has 0 playability would surpass Iono full art. I could be severely underestimating Iono’s appeal though. Only time will tell!

Major studio Ghibli vibes


possibly. i expect we’ll see a Nemona FA or SAR in the holiday set

Pokemon: creates influencer/idol character

Fans: treats character like idol



I don’t see an issue with having a playable card also be popular or collectible. There is the base rarity for players, and the full art texture shiny cards for the collectors.


for the record, i’m not mad or anything like that. just being dramatic with the thread for engagement. I actually am glad they chose to give Iono such a strong effect.

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Iono if I agree with you


from who many consider to be the best player in the game atm:

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a few more tweets showing how impactful the text alone is on the card. i expect this to be abnormally expensive in english as well. I wouldn’t be surprised to see reverse holos at around $10 for the first month or even longer…

Considering the other 2 versions of this card are going to be the SR and SAR, there will be a significant markup for the regular art for those seeking to play until it gets reprinted in later decks or the high class pack (which is after Worlds 2023)