I have Silver star rare cards And rare pilachu.

I have 2 silver star rare cards ive never seen them before… Are they worht anything. Also I have a rare pikachu.

Oh ok. Yeah well ill post a few pics now then shall I.

I am sorry for the quality of the photos and the upside down angle lol I currently am using a phone for the internet and a camera. But these are the cards if anyone can tell me about them.

I have over 100 rare cards… What about the other 2 I posted?


Pikachu. It says in the pokedex info square, that its a rare pikachu and I am lucky to have found it… Any info for me?

The Machamp prime is from the HS Triumphant expansion and is worth about $5-$10. The pikachu is a secret rare card from the black and white expansion and is worth $16.00 or so. Both are “ultra rares” in terms of set rarity, but like most cards from booster backs they are not particularly hard to find as they printed large amounts.

On a side note, you can use the edit link on the side of your post rather than make a new one for the pikachu image.