Price Check - Pikachu 1st Edition Black Star Promo #1 PSA 10

As the title says. I usually see these in PSA 9’s but never in 10 so I was curious to see how much I would be looking to pay if one ever shows up.

I have not seen one or been able to buy one myself for quite awhile. I’d say $400-$500 minimum. The 9s are going for around $200 right now which is a decent bit higher than the $125 they were at 8 months ago.

Is this the card you are talking about?

The card has the same art but a 1st edition stamp on it also, it was released accidentally somehow in jungle boosters but is fairly rare.

yeah it looks like the same card but with a 1st edition on the card. I have a psa 9 copy. no psa 10 copy. :slightly_frowning_face: I’m only rich enough for a pikachu collection. :blush:

It really depends when one shows up since the prices change all the time.

They’re hard to find cause there’s only 2 in the world, actually three cause I have one mislabeled, so that’s why they’re hard to find.

waaaah??? there’s only two in the world!!! I have a psa 9… can you make it into a 10?

It actually looks like a 10 to me, I don’t know what deducted a point off it. If I can post a picture it would be nice. :blush: