2000 eevee black star promo Psa 10 price??

anyone know the value of this card? I have the opportunity to buy one but I am not sure of its worth…

There is only 11 PSA 10’s so it is hard to say. What is the price they are asking?

There is mint ungraded copies on eBay for $8-$20 so I would grade yourself if you have the chance if they are asking a very high price

yeah they are asking $800

That’s a rip off price, I wouldn’t pay more then $150 if you were really desperate for it.

I am doing a PSA submission soon, I might add one of these in since it is actually a really nice card

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Not sure why that is a ripoff price? They are a tough grade due to distribution method and prone to scratching/edgeware. Do I think $800 is the right price? Probably not, but I don’t think $150 for it is fair either, I would buy them all day at $150 so if yours hits a 10, feel free to send me a PM to sell it for $150.

If there’s only 11 copies 10s it should easily be $400 Minimum…

It’s just a rough price, obviously it is hard to value when there is no recent sales for it. I said $150 as that is what I would pay for it and the value in my eyes, obviously other people might pay a lot more.

There is also 11 PSA 10’s and 2 PSA 9’s which doesn’t suggest a huge quality issue either.

The English one?

Well since UnlistedLeaf (a youtuber) just got a box with 500 mint ones of them, chances are the PSA10 POP will increase…

That was awesome to see so many promo’s like that at once. It will be interesting to see what he does with them