Price check on Back Star Promo/Jr Rally Stamp Promo Eevee

I’m looking to pick up both of these eventually in PSA 10, but I can’t find any solid listings of sell prices on either

The best recent I can find for Jr Rally stamp is $60-$100, but the Black Star Promo Holo one is nowhere to be found.

I recently picked up a PSA 10 JR Rally Eevee for $200 and I felt it was a good price.

Hmm, Jr Stamp is one I feel more comfortable waiting on for sure, there’s a BIN for that at $145USD with a lot of people watching

I have one, let me pm you

the black star promo eevee is gonna be expensive because of how hard the grade. The holofoil always show some kind of scratches due to how they were packaged. Good luck!!!

Yeah the % that grade a 10 is extremely low, I wouldn’t be surprised if its at a minimum 15x of a PSA 9. Of 135 graded, only 5 came back as PSA 10. Heck even Yanma-Holo from Neo Discovery has a better % of 10s than that.

Well if that is the pop numbers then the 10 should be valued at 27x a PSA 9 :grin:

I guess yeah. There is a lot of raw ones out there which might make it worth while trying to grade my own. The raw is pretty cheap thankfully, but they are sold in bulk so rarely cared for or provided with good photos. I’m sort of stuck with that dilemma for GS Espy/Umby as well, but that train has left a long time ago - the packs are just not there.

Good for sellers that are sitting on them, bad for my ability to collect :sob: