these card rarity

Hi guys, well i got a stack load of cards what ive just collected and collected over the years, but these one stand out to me the most and just want to know the rarity and how much they could go for.

theres a grouden ex non holo which i got from a kids magazine about 6 years ago.

Normal charizard from the first set of cards

Shinning suicune not sure if it is shinning it has a gold star next to its name

Alph lithograoh i got from a pack the other day

[ho oh its from the unseen forces collection its a shiny with the unseen forces logo on it… (dont think its that rare but looks cool)

x5 picachu promos what do 100…

3 bottom halfs of ho oh

1 bottome half of lugia
1 top half of suicine and entai
and 1 bottom half of raikou and entai
also a promo rayquaza which i also got from a magazine

dark charmeleon with a gold W in the corner of the picture


I’m moving this into price discussion, where someone is more likely to give you an answer. You might also want to try the Pokegym (, as for newer cards loads of people on there are active in buying/selling such cards, so should be able to give a response.

ohh okay yeh thanks heaps didnt realise lol… umm yeh alryt ill give it a check :grin:

shinning suicune $25-$30
alph ltohraph $5-$10
the ho-oh $4

awww okay yeh thanks heaps…

You mean Pikachu M LV.X? If not what promo are you talking about?

its from HS unleashed,