Japanese pikachu card and many others: need info

Hi there!
I have just joined this group and wanted to know more about my cards! My aunt gave me these cards from when she used them, they are still in good condition. I have searched all over the internet about theses cards but I haven’t found anything really similar. I have many types of cards: I have the old TV series, the Topps cards, and these ones which I know nothing really about… They are very shiny, the shiniest ones I have ever seen. There is hardily any information on it. All I can say is that they are “Pocket Monsters” which I have read are the old name for Pokémon. Also, it says at the bottom: illus. Atsuko Nishido. On the Pocket Monster side of the card it says: 1996 NINTENDO Inc. 1996 Game Freak Inc. 1996 Creatures Inc. All rights reserved. I have attached a photo of it here (this is only one, I have 18 in total that look like this one) I am sorry if it is hard to see the card (its Pikachu):

ANY INFO WILL HELP! I don’t know if this type of card is rare.
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Hi there!

It looks to me to be a sticker card, but that is just my guess. Like these:

There were all kinds of sticker cards made in Japan, they have slightly different dimensions and proportions (compare the yellow border on yours to a normal card), and they usually have a completely holofoil finish (although it is much different from regular foil). Check the corners and see if they look like they will peel.

As for price, I have not encountered any of these with any significant value. Maybe you’re looking at a dollar. They’re more of a cool thing to have than a collectible.

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Yep, they do peel. Thanks so much for the info! I cant believe how fast your reply was thx so much ^-^

Haha not a problem! I just happened to be on at the right time! For the record it appears your Pikachu was copied from one of the gym series, it’s Lt. Surge’s Pikachu