howslifeaustin's Collection PSA Art Academy Cards!

Hello Everyone!
I joined the forum just last year and have finally decided to create a collection thread. So glad to have found this forum! I started collecting back in 1999, took a long break and now have newfound love for graded cards lol. Started sending cards to PSA last year and now mainly collect PSA 10 Pikachus, WOTC, and Charizards.

Links:List of my PSA 10 Pikachu Collection
Instagram Gallery of the Collection

Shoutout to Quuador / Justinator for their insane Pikachu collection and database! Such wealth of information lol.

**Here are some of my favorite cards:**My absolute favorite Pikachu card: the Full Art 15th Anniversary

Pikachu Gold Star :blush:

My quest for the Art Academy Dress-up Pikachus…oh man lol:

The Australia Poketour Pikachu:

The E3 Red Cheeks:

Just love this Mega Charizard artwork:

And currently working on the unlimited base set in PSA 10:

Thank you for looking, & more to come! :grin:


Some real beauty’s there…

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Beautiful photos!

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That poketour though, wow…


Very Nice, Really like the pics!

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These pictures look better than some portraits of people. lol great job!

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Haha yesss thank you…these cards definitely deserve it! lol

Wow buddy! Beautiful cards!! :blush: Those pics… I feel like the cards voguing lol


My BEST PSA returns yet! :blush: :blush: :blush:
Got some amazing grades on my 1st ed base set cards, Art Academy Pikas, Zards, evolutions & more.


Congratulations on those PSA 10s!

I wish that PSA would grade foreign language cards because I’d love a PSA set of Art Academy cards, but since some are french, spanish, etc… doesn’t look good.

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There’s still the option of the custom encapsulation though I do agree it’d still look a tad bit off.


Man all of those pikachus almost gave me a stroke. What a sick return though.

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Oh no, I was not aware of that. Maybe one day they will? Things can always change. A complete PSA 10 set would be insane lol.

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