How much does silvering hurt a grade?

I know some cards have silvering issues and I recently made a big purchase. I bought 5 NM/MT condition legendary charizard holos. Now I usually don’t dabble in legendary collection, but thought this was a nice opportunity and the cards looked super clean. The seller noted there were some factory scratches and I’m fine with that, but what he did not say was the 4/5 cards in the lot had a large amount of silvering.

I already messaged the seller asking if he could do anything since it was not in the description and I don’t want to be that guy and ask for a return, but I’m guessing the silvering would really hurt a potential grade. The cards otherwise look mint basically with no back edgewear, but that silvering really makes me worry they all would grade a 7 or 8, which would be a serious loss on my part I think.

If that is the case so be it seeing as I have made some mistakes in the past, but I feel like silvering to the degree where I can see it clearly on the top and right side of the card should be noted in regards to condition.

Thoughts on grade effect and if I should request a return?

I posted the listing below so you guys can see how clean they look, but you can’t tell there is any silvering. When I got the cards I could see the silver chipping easily though in the light.


Silvering matters very little to a grade, if at all (which I find rather annoying). Even 10s can have silvering. 9s can have quite heavy silvering.

The silvering looks pretty obvious in those photos, so I don’t think the seller was misleading.

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My experience with silvering is that it depends on the grader and how bad the silvering is. Ive graded a few neo destiny cards that had slight silvering and they have gotten 10s.

You got a great deal with that purchase! Silvering affects ‘Edges’ for BGS cards but not so much for PSA cards. AFAIK, it is still NM-M :blush:

Thanks guys. This makes me feel a bit better about the purchase. I guess I’ll keep them and get all 5 graded. Hopefully having all 5 graded will have a few do well. I don’t often take a risk like this on ungraded cards. I just hope the grader is kind on the silvering. I’m not gonna expect a 10, but a few 9’s would be lovely.

Normal fac cut silvering shouldn’t affect the grade.

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I did look at some PSA 8 legendary zards on ebay that all look very clean and cant tell what may be the issue. I’m guessing the silvering or factory scratches? Regardless I’ll keep the cards and get the graded up. I’ll just hold onto them for a bit.

I’ve never understood this. It greatly affects the eye appeal IMO. I’ve graded a couple pretty garbage looking PSA 10 unlimited charizards due to the silvering (I was grading them just because they were pack fresh IMO 8/9 and it was worth it anyways).

It just doesn’t make any sense to me to take into account whether or not damage was done to the card post production or it was just manufactured poorly.

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Isn’t silvering just whitening on holos?

Silvering is along the edges of the card. You see it a lot on Jungle and Fossil holos.

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Usually drops it a grade or 2

Silvering is on the front edges of cards. It exposes the silver foil below the ink hence “silvering”.

Whitening is on the back blue border edges of cards exposing the white card stock below the blue ink hence “whitening”.


I think he meant in comparison. Whitening is the to the back as silvering is to the front.


@joetehman, yes, exactly.

I find it interesting as to how silvery it looks given no damage to other parts. The back of these zards is perfect, but the silvering on the front in obvious on most of them.

I understand it is from cutting the cards, but how does 2 sides get spared from silvering and the back end up perfect still? Very odd how a dull cut can have no effect on other aspects.