How much do pokemon sales spike during the holiday season?

Title. Havn’t been selling cards that long. Curious how much of an uptick in sales everyone experiences in November/December?


For me December is very slow. Normally I can take some time off then. Maybe vacation in Vegas😲

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If it snows enough, you can ski from high atop Henderson all the way down to Fremont Street. :rofl:

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Now there’s a million dollar idea:)

Did you see your first post I brought back to life? I thought it would be fun to reread.
Hopefully the mods get it;)

My cheap stuff usually has a slight uptick in liquidity but I don’t get more for it and I tend to avoid auctions during that time as there’s too much competition for peoples’ money.

If you’re selling new sealed product then the holiday season is when you’ll do most of your yearly business. As for the collectibles side, not so much as people don’t purchase expensive PSA 10 cards for their kids (with some exceptions).

December is weaker for me than November for holiday sales. I gotta go along with Charlie that lower dollar items do better than higher priced stock.