Holo Bleed question

Hey E4!

I was curious if anyone knows if there a holo bleed for all base set holos - I have a shadowless one, and I’ve seen mostly Unlimited holo bleeds, but not sure if there’s enough of them in each set out there to look out for or if it’s best to just stick to unlimited since those I believe I’ve seen almost all 16 at some point.

To help clarify my questions more concisely:

  1. do any 1st edition exist?
  2. do any shadowless exist minus the 5 theme deck versions? (This is an assumption going off something I was told from someone on here regarding my shadowless)
  3. do all 16 unlimited holos come in holo bleed?
  4. do all 16 UK print exist in theory has anyone ever seen one?


I’ve personally never seen a 1ed holo bleed base set card, but I’ve also never seen a Shadowless one, either. I’d assume it’s very possible it affects all print runs, at this point.

Someone mentioned awhile ago when I posted my shadowless hitmonchan Holo bleed that they recalled pulling them mostly from theme decks. So until I got info otherwise, I’m thinking there’s only holo bleeds for the 5 shadowless that came in those decks.